I just want to know.

Diz iz no request. I just want to know if there exists any vids with Pollini and/or Rubinstein. They ah among mah favourite penizez but I haff nevah seen any vids with them. And you legendz would prolly knuw. I am putting da chairman on da job.

-da Meph

i haff rubinstein plays chopin vid
n some pollini vids, he plays few mazurkas n some nocturnos


Oh, What Chopin does rubinstein play?

-da Meph

piano concerto 2

since u iz interested on chopin, i haff lazar berman 6 polonaises video too

i would share dose, but since yousendit iz so sheeyat, i dont know 8)

Oh. Rubinstein ismy favourte pianist and Chopin is my favourite composer. I would do everything in my power to get that vid.
if yousendit is sheeyat what about rhapidshare.


It is all about tricking the system.

-da Meph


i dont haf da polino vidz


Is there any Pollini vids with any sdc repertoire, in other words pieces that are difficult to play and hopefully fast and furies?

-da Meph

Your file Pollini_Chopin_Nocturnes_No.8_op.27-2.mpg (49538384 Bytes) is now online.

Your Download-Link: rapidshare.de/files/4051161/Poll … 2.mpg.html

Thx Jal. You iz officially da best finish mofo alive. I knouw diz judo freak Janne and he is alos good but he cant beet da gensui of da Jal. respec da jal fuck da tessei.

-da Meph

haha 8)

i feel gud now

i haff dem all 8) da pollen iz wikid


but Jal what about the rubinstein chop concerto no2? I beg you?
I love you jal!

-da Meph

i haff it 8) hiz 2nd mov suck

I only lyk da 1st an 3rd movement of concertos. i haffent listened to da 2nd yet.

-da meph

haha pozzibly, i’ll try later yousendit

hahahahah dat might be hard since da file iz huge n usenditfucks up lyk ever tym.

meph!!! u need da 2nd movement. tiz one of da moist amazing shit eveah!!! dat piece made me start playin piano. diz might sound ghey but da Idil Biret haff da best 2nd mov. tru!!!

dis premium account sheeyat is ghay

Pollini has vids of certain Chopin preludes.