I’ll be back in a week

Mine was the most lowkey I’ve had in years, just had dinner and drinks with a couple of the homies as most people were still in the hometowns/countries. Must be nice to be able to travel back for things like Christmas and New Years but Australia is just too far away.

I had originally planned to go to Myanmar to visit a friend but tickets were too expensive (and in the end I couldn’t leave the country due to visa sheeyat). He was sending me videos of the festival he was at; it looked epic. Reminded me of NYE in Sydney.

:unamused: :blush:

Ok, fuck it.

I’m not gonna slap da rectal program together in 3 weeks.
Gonna cancel the Jan 27 rectal and stay one extra day in Florida because of da giant shitstorm in NYC tomorrow.

Da 110 deserves better. I’ll prepare for a nice polished recording session in early March with 4 Liszt pieces and learn da 110 at my mother fucking leisure!
And maybe other pieces that I fucking want to learn without whoring them out on stage in a fucked state immediately.

Or maybe I can start da 2018 in style by quitting da 88 8)

I worked on 110 intensively for 4 or 5 months up until a masterclass with Badura-Skoda only to realize I’ll need at least 10 more years to fully grasp it. Won’t be performing that one any time soon, yet it’s one of my favorite pieces of all time.

Yeah man, I don’t want to be depressed for weeks after getting raped on stage by da 110 in front of all my students, who will walk out after the first half as always anyway 8)

Tru, da flight has been cancelled a second time.
Impossible to rebook, gonna be here in Florida until Monday.

Tru, gonna miss an audition in NYC, hopefully will come to a job interview and draw cash grab with a foundation on Tuesday.

I love how the airlines never try perhaps increase daily flights right after massive cancellations.
Nope, they just cancel - and you can’t do a damn thing out of it.

Hello Floreda!

Maybe I’ll even find an Asian chick here.
Haven’t seen one yet.

Tru, starting out da year in style, gonna miss work on Monday.

Oooh yeah.
I saw 2 hot Asian Russian chicks today, in da Russian store.
Dey looked tight like da 30 year old Korean I hit on.

Daim, how kinky is dat. Korean looking chicks dat speak Russian.

No I didn’t ask da numbah, I’m not like dat.

She needs to offah me a cup of tea first 8)

That is the dream scenario MOFO an asian-looking Russian chick. It’s like the ultimate heat and submission in one person. Hell yeah.

Damn you were in the Russian store. You were buying, let me guess, a box of Hematogen (cow’s blood health bar) and maybe a bottle of Georgian wine. That stuff is so good.

Damn TM just by mentioning asian-russian you have inspired me to narrow-in on my desire.* That’s what friends are for :doc:

*damn how long will this take? :slight_smile:

I got sum Doctahz ham, sum Ahmad brand tea, n assorted box of Zefir.
Da hot Asian chick wuz in line fo da deli

TM, I don’t think any of deez mofos know anything about Doctahz ham or Zefir!

I don’t know WTF Doctahz ham is.

It’s more or less bologna.

Zefir is like Russian marshmallow, kind of.
Shaped like an onion-dome and usually comes in pink and white varieties.
Needless to say, in Russian stores most of the products are

  1. Expired
  2. Poor soviet era quality
  3. Grossly overpriced.

Flight back to NYC tomorrow night, at last.
Won’t be coming back to Florida for a while, maybe June next time.
No 88 access here at all.

I want Japanese. 8)

Truuu, looks like da flight boarding cummah!

A mofo next to me just had an epileptic seizure in da airport waiting area.

Hopefully Dey dun let him on da plane or we get a possible emergency landing in sum random ass city

So da US is in deep freeze, meanwhile Oz is baking in 45+ celsius.
We had deep fried poms at the SCG yesterday.
But global warming is a myth. :tm:

Yeah man, da NYC had a giant snow Rape

On da plane now tru.