I’ll be back in a week

Tru, really limited internet access here in Florida.
And hardly any Asians.

Damn, the Hispanic chicks are starting to look Asian enough in my desperation 8)

You ain’t missing much mate, this place be quieter than one of those illicit JAV scenes where the husband and mother-in-law screw in the hallway as the wife’s preparing dinner 6 metres away. Respect yo vacation mentality.


Isn’t Florida where old ppl go to die? :ho:

Or to smuggle drugs from Cuba 8)

In their :rectum:

tell Marco Rubio I said what up.

Ok. Little Freemason Marco, probably not even 10th degree yet.


Maybe next time, lil Marco.
Gotta man up

Lil marco is too small to be elected.

Where at in Florida?

Go down to the keys where the very best South American prostitutes come work the holiday – I’ve heard!

Miami - Hallandale to be specific.

Good but kind of depressed. How can I just rest when the recital is Jan 27 and the program is in shambles. Fuck.

Rezpek you mofos tho!

Wish yo azzes a truly wikid n (re)productive 2018! :pimp:

I hear liberty city iz nice dis time of year. I recommend checking it out tru :brotha:


Happy New Year!
I got 4 hours left of 2017 tru!

Do what Trifonov said he does in an interview: practice yo rep by playing yo rep in da pool.

I am taking a break tru, not even thinking about Music.
Gotta get a full detox and build up my fury for the Jan 27 rectal.
Gonna be an insane 3 weeks.

Do what Horowitz used to do when he got like that.

Haha did u mofos ring in da New Year well?

By current teetotalling standards, yes. I hope all you bad ass mofos fulfil yo deep-seated wishes this year.