i need sum recording toolz

recommend sum good but mildly inexpenzive sheeyat to record with.

Whats your current setup, what do you plan on recording & for what purpose is this.

i hav a comp but it doeznt detect tha mic port ne more for som reason. i hav s sheeyat mic. i wuz thinking of a minidisc sheeyat or sumthiing that isnt that expenziv.

i dun know

tha plan iz too record random comboz of furiouz n moizt piecez. :ho:

your budget?

& I’m still not sure what quality of recording you want…

hahaha tha bezt quality fo 200 buckz pozzibly if pozzibl.

candaian 200$


I use a cassett player, n it cost me 0 dollars :lib:

i iz in uze of da pc and da mic connected to da pc … tho my upright is just beside da pc … fuck it

oh yeah, n i forgot. I have a digital keyboard that I can hook up to the comp, but my computron doesn’t have a midi port


got my md at a pawn shop for 50 cdn.

make sure it has a mic and a line in jack and a usb port

you should be able to bootleg the warez to make mp3s easy.


hahaha i wil look into that.

respec yoself :chop:

i randomly uze a laptop mic to tune mah old uprite, n it works, so maybe uze dat

id lyk to hear mo of rob

hhahahha one day in tha near futur i vil attempt an unleazh worthy of tha SDC :lib:

Damn thats a small budget… I thought you wanted actual recording equipment…

how mcuh dollahz owuld i need fo tha tru equipment?

You need :
1 x mic – 75$
1 x preamp, super important!! (can be a good/small/used mixer) – 150ish $
1 x something to record to… Most computer soundcards have a line in, its ok… An MD player is better… A pro audio card is the obvious best. – xx$

I bought my stuff from the US… Cleary cheaper than here.


did u just dizz da canuckz ?


Da Rob iz trying to expand his tru GIRTH.


Nah… Just loving shopping in the US.