I play polonaise for u


diz iz it
datz me playing
enjoy n dun masturbate looking at me playing

rezpec diz and da zcale tutorial :doc: 8)

da zcale tutorial
jdbrulez asked me to upload it

Cool 8)


mah bad self have uploaded threeeee more videos!! just search for ‘sdc jackson’ then you vil know

teressa teng
brahms rhapsodie
black key


wut do u think 8)

The audioquality is awful :slight_smile: Any chance to rerecord it with better mic?

RESPEC :jacko:

what’s wif all da ‘long ding health wine’ on ur channel???

aksually, tiz juzt jacko being da jacko :jacko:

i didnt realize i had a channel… gonna check it out

:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

I hope da JACKO comes back, what a legend!

This mofo was like a G rated version of TM, both equally insane though. :jacko:

hahaha and da zkepto is basically a GHEY trumofo 8)
wiz a FURRY fetish instead of Yello fevah

I always found skep way more irritating but he’s fine now.

Tru, randomly he mellowed da fuck out.

Randomly, who the hell was the DonaldTrump dude?

He was hassling moi for pics of my mother and sending me 30 pms a day with threats haha.
I thought maybe it was da skeptic but I’m not so sure.
Skepto would have asked for furry porn pix of da ghey variety.

Sorry about dat

Haha you is forgiven.