yep, i do think da doc CAN be just as fuckin fast and FURIOUS, but da doc pissez us off by not usin hiz girth to da fullest

whereas da ZIFF …mann - hez just da ultimate

I’ve yet to come across a ziff rec dat bores me
even wif quasi-random sheeyat

what a mofo

mah point xactly 8)

i concur wit da sl*w one 8)

i know dis sheeyat iz obvious, but we all haff to reconise da tru GOD of our faith 8)

Not only waz he a FURIOUS FUUUCCK meister, he could do the lyrical sheeeat too - what a mofo 8)

look mofo up in da dictionary

ziff iz da primary definition 8)

Dere can only be one canadian candidate. and i propose DA G MAN ocah da doc


i dont 8)

Oh das meh! I’m workin on dis sheeyat by sum nex’ man (itz like in da form of Op.10 No. 1, but in F# Minor!) and mah audition fo’ da SDC, the sexiest, da mofoest rach 2 transcription for SOLO piano (dat means all da orchestra parts are played to mofos = extra extra extra furiousness!). its so fuckin’ sexi you’ll wanna put your dad up for adoption!


What 'about Arrau?

dat mofo’s TEs rock mah world.


hahahaha, u fuckah, dey iz sheeyat

dey iz orright i prefer da ziff’s. hactually da wilde jagd iz quite wikid 8)

Da wilde jagd is 30 secs faster den ziffs = respec 8)

hahahah, da arrauzal randomly unleashez 8)

Brendel’s Hammerklavier sucks.

anyone know where i can get a recording if this, it looks insanely furious

images.google.com/imgres?imgurl= … f%26sa%3DN

the fury of this sheeyat incites my jealousy of the ziff so much that i think im gonna go dig up his body and create myself a franken-ziff


i haff 3 recz, da ziff studio - da ziff live, n da velocidick studio

da ziff live iz da bezt 8)

i must say though, the ziffs evening harmony etude fails to motivate mah-bad-self, its a whole 3 minutes slow than my other two recordings by so no-name penises