I will respect you forever if you can hook me up with this

If you have THIS device: Plextor ConvertX PX-AV100U

Can someone make me an ISO of the driver CD?

I lost my CD and Plextor… bunch of fuckin morons… wants to charge me 20 bucks for a driver they could just as easily host online.

I’ve tried everywhere, so this is my last hope. :slight_smile:

plextor.com/English/support/ … Driver.htm

plextor.com/English/support/ … rvideo.htm
iz diz?

drivers.softpedia.com/get/Other- … WHQL.shtml :unamused:

Nah, that’s just an update of some sort.

Thanks for trying though. Randomly I will give a very wikid recording to the dude who hooks me up.


Dammit. Paid 80 bucks for this POS. Now it’s useless…

haha pozzibly on da :mule: :doc: