I will stop listening to classical piano music

for a month, true :sunglasses:

True, until 16 November 2018 I will not listen to ANY classical piano music, but instead focus on orchestral and non-piano chamber music.

Since this is a negative defnition, and for the sake of clarity: I can listen to orchestral music which includes a piano, if this is just random. For instance I can listen to a Prok symphony that includes a piano in certain areas, but I cannot listen to Messiaen Turangalila or da Szymanowski Sinfonia Concertante.

Wish me good luck!

PS: Does not apply to live concerts.


It’s probably the only way I would succeed in my own orchestral rep familiarisation project. Let’s see how you get on, and depending on results I might eventually try the same thing. Good luck!

zo u can ztill lizten to da zpring waltz den :sunglasses:

By week 2 you’ll be craving Elton John :sunglasses:

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Respectable. This is a great way to broaden your repertoire.

Keep your eye on the symphony thread. I’ll be posting 50+ recs in there. Maybe I’ll start another thread for random stuff like Violin Concertos, string quartets, etc.

Great, wil do that Chris. I am listening to Liszt Les Preludes right now - it’s amazing! So much great music out there.

Today I listened to the first movement of Mahler symphony 2 (the tone poem version) on my way to job. This is a great work

Great choice! Good luck and enjoy :slight_smile:

Ok listened to a Mozat violin concerto yesterday (no. 5). Today I listened to a Bartok string quartet (no. 4). Very diverse works. This week I will focus on the classical period. Any suggestions? I think I will listen to Beethoven’s violin concerto when I go home from work tonight.

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A lesser known but great contemporary of Mozart based in Sweden
The finale of this symphony is particularly enjoyable -

And for the earlier Classical which transitioned out of Baroque…look no further than the great CPE Bach -

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This is prøving very hard! Not because I don’t like other music, but because I really want to listen to some piano as well. Anyways I will see Sokolov tomorrow anyway!

Listened to Beethoven 7th symphony and Bartok 4th String quartet yesterday. The string quartet is really cool