Ideal piece to test out 88s in a showroom

I know a few mofos here are buying 88s around about now, and as it happens my sister is starting to learn piano and is purchasing a piano for her home, and sharing it with her boyfriend.
They’re both beginners and have asked me to come along and help them pick one out.

What’s the ideal music to test out on a piano?

I know Kissin love playing the chordal section from Tchaik 1 to test out an 88.

Also thinking the opening of Rach Sonata 2 - very satisfying to test out the bass.

What else?

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You should be doing things like playing scales at varying speeds to check out the evenness of the action. Also it is worth playing slow stuff to see what sort of sonorities you can get, things like Claire de lune. You should test all aspects of the sound and not just the SD parameters :smiley:


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ziztah at da 88 :sunglasses:


I’ve learned that quite a lot can be done by a piano technician, but above all check how the action feels and how you like its “voice”. Also try things like Chasse Neige or Chop/God 10#6 to test its dynamic and tonal qualities. Does the soft, continuous accompaniment sound soft and continuous or does it interfere with the melody? How easy is it to vary the shadings of the melody?

Further… how is the far treble? Clear and piano-like or brittle and tuningforky? What happens with the bass at ff or pp? How responsive is the pedal? Can you keep a passage clean where you have to use half pedal or change it rapidly? The Liszt Tarantella, repeated notes? Easily separable?

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Bits of rep in varying styles, tru.

Dere is no such thing as an ideal 88.
If da action haff good repeated notes, pretty much any rep is playable on it.

randomly my school does not haff a SINGLE Steinway D dat is in good condition.
All rebuilt shit.

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Foah da tone quality: st like da beginning ov Chop Polofant.

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