If me make a rec...

…wohin do me put it?
Format mp3? Or vids?
Works anything?

Obviously it shud be a rec of you unleashing some FURY upon some proven classic from da SD repertoire. Any format is acceptable, as long as we can hear/see it.

NB: Da SDC has a strict anti-doping policy. If you manipulate da recs or provide anything otha den a real performance, Da SDC will banish you fo life. On de otha hand, performance enhancing drugs are highly recommended. 8)

I’ll go look for SD repertoire.


Cannot find da SD Repertoire!

look in da fuckin composahs and pieces forum!!!

Da core SDC repertoire consists of, but are not limited to:

24 Chopets op10 & op25
12 Liszt TEs
All da fast movements from all da beethoven sonatas
Brahms paganini variations
Rach e-tabs op33 & op39
All da fast Rach preludes
Fast Scriabin etudes (ie 8/12 & 42/5)

Da finale from both Chopin sonatas
Presto confuso from da ballade 1
All da chop scherzi


dere are actually 3 chopsons, and da 1st is actually also an SD mofo.

zepp, u seem to hav forgotten da fuckin KAN!!!

i am enraged 8)

Da KAN & Godowskies are not CORE SDC rep. Dey is considered specialized branches of FURY, reserved for true mofos. 8)

hahaha, but dey are actually becomin more standard, it appears da numba of eodipussies on da planet, is risin like ma cock 8)

Chopets most interesing to mymymymy.
Beethoven fast movs, Chop Scherzis.

Gimme 1-2 week but FTP-server or what? Not regged at Pianist8ker’s Forum (this looked more fun 8)) but can you get one of dis man?

make sure its AFAP

dats ma only advice 8)

AFAP = ???

afap = as fast as possible

and don’t forget da fury

send a private message to nico he can give u some ftp space

AFAP is de law 8)

me understands

dis is da 1st step of bein an SD 8)

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHA! the clazzykal alluzion.



haha, your random postin in dis thread elektrafies me 8)

hahahahahahaha, da mofo who fuck da mo

i can think of at least 4 non-members at dis forum who fall into dat category 8)