If u cud b the next great pianist...

and be as great and famous as da ho or rectum, wud u take dat chance?

wud u sacriffice ur life dat much?

No. I didn’t work especially hard through my youth. But my parents had the foresight to start me early.

Now I’m 21 and I can play most everything I want to play. I’ll never be famous, but playing for myself brings me more joy than playing for others ever could.

Canadianmofo I agree

Playing for yourself an doing it properly rather than sticking to the conventions is honorable, even if Horowitz et als were great in their own right.

Trust me, it ain’t worth it.


But we should be glad some people have done it.

i wish da koji wud expand on it…

maybe daqts y rectum says “i dun lyk myself…”???

im depressed, tru…

If countless hours by yourself in battle with an implaccable foe, pain, drudgery, disappointment, petty ignorant people, little pay, and depression are things you enjoy, go for it. :laughing:


damn koji, dun suffer bro

i kinda agree wif da Koji point


So, it’s impossible to live the ‘Rubinstein’ life? He didn’t have any money but he could jsut sponge off rich friends and live the life. Do you get to travel much as a pianist ?

The one great aspect yes, has been that I’ve been able to visit places that I never would have had the opportunity otherwise (and of course, the music itself is wonderful).


Tiz the saddest truth. And iz why musicians deserve da ultimate respect, but the chance to have a career doing what you love, sheeyat I would have given my left nut if I knew it meant I would have made it as a concert peniz

how old r u vladhowrz? did u major in piano?

haha Milphy, I iz da Genie’s age (35)
No, I was pre-med with a minor in music, plus I ran track. Too much hence…MEDIOCRITY :whale:

“Emerson once wrote that the artist is ‘pitiful’. He meant, I suppose, that the true artist can never be entirely satisfied with the work he does.”–Aaron Copland writing to Kapell’s widow after hearing of his death


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