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fuck this earth

why does the top register of my piano sound like that? the movers dropped it when i relocated. see opening statement.

anyway, beethoven/list symphony #5 prax version. some fuckups, much CG.





haha, pretty legendary, actually, for a prax version. ive forgotten how much i like these liszt transcriptions. but tru, i remember you mentioning the piano incident on facebook, that really sucks. did you ever get reimbursed, or something? id sue the hell out of those fools.

nice, I like it!

Legendary, so this is part of your all Liszt program? I can imagine it tires the hell out of you. Will listen to the whole thing when I’ve got the time.

and shit the upper register sounds horrible, i don’t know anything about piano action but sounds like something is loose up there? :confused:

yes, it’s fucked. from what various techs have said, the problem is irreparable. we eventually got a settlement from the company and are saving up some $$$$$$$$$$$$ for a new piano. hopefully next year?

i also did some of my schubert songs, here’s gretchen


i did better (i hope) versions of these yesterday at work, plus Dante and sonetto 104

“fuck this earth” still stands



hahahaa juz watchd tha nu 3rd/4th mvt vid
FUCKING LEGENDARY :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

rezpec yo zick zkillz :gav:

Listened to the whole new rec of the symphony cuz I can’t stand watching out of sync muzic vidz tru 8)

WIKID stuff

i fixed the vids, they should be in sync now

thanks for listening, mofos