Ignaz Friedrice - Nice Transfers from British Archives

I am listening to some of the Transfers from British Archive collection. Some are better than commercial release so far. This op 33 no 2 much clearer though more surface noise.

If you spoof your VPN for UK you can listen. About 23 Friedmofo recs there.

Op 33 no 2 link below. Lots of Pachmann and stuff there too!


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Here is raw friedmofo. 55 nocturne from here. You get way more detail in right hand and no bass farts due to them fleshing out the spectrum.


Hmmm I prefer the Naxos…

Yeah, on stereo not as good. In headphones a bit clearer - fiddling around with my EQ now using the clearer source is kind of cool.

The Horowitz scherzo is dramatically clearer than commercial. Somebody should EQ and repost that for da ho’s sake.

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Which HO scherzo? What is going on here?

Oh, that’s in another thread. I am noodling with a clear copy of the ho 4th scherzo from brit archives. Trying to find a way to record it with some EQ over. Sound is better than this friedmofo example.

Okay. I juzt got stoned bro so you cunfuzed me fo a minute. What is diz HO thread now?

This guy.


Going to upload an EQd version to show niceness in a minute.

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