Igor Levit to play 20 hrs straight, and 1 hour zkep!

Igor Levit is going to perform Satie’s Vexations tomorrow for 20 straight hours starting at 8:00am Eastern Standard time.

Here’s the link: Igor Levit Vexations - The Gilmore

A public act of self flagellation


Haha crazy. Just saw this. Here’s the youtube stream, starts in 27min

So this is really just the same theme played 840x??? I expected it to be variations or something.

Hahah da LEVIT bein an abzolute


or an abzolute


but i iz not zhor which :sunglasses:


Hahaha dis a mere bagatelle in terms of a WARMUP fo da CUMPLETE :wim: :nigga:zonz

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Chat is disabled for this live stream.

hahaha wtf da only point wuz to c da random jokez contezt in da chat :sunglasses:


haha da ZEPP can play diz piece in 20 minz :sunglasses:


To be fair, he does seem to know what he’s in for and its relevance (from the New Yorker):

“I honestly don’t really know what is going to happen. But I believe I will feel, while doing it, kind of similar to what I go through now. There will be ups, there will be downs, there will be devastation, there will joy, there will be literal pain. Just this monotonic repetition of just the same thing, of a piece which in a way has no apparent musical content—just this staring at a wall, waiting, waiting. At some point, you lose the perspective of time—like now. You lose the perspective of an end—like now. I think at some point I will lose the hope that this will ever end—like now. Maybe I won’t make it. It’s just about surviving. Like now.”

Ahahahah da LEVIT zelf-torcha zenzibilitiez

I propoze a nu SDC nick

Da COYOTE :sunglasses:


He already looks pretty bad…I dun think hes gonna make it!

I kinda feel bad fo diz mofo live ztreamin at diz tym

He cumpetin wiz both da brotha riotz n da zpaceX aztronaut launch :sunglasses:

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Levit just took a break. There’s a guy online who posted a video of him playing 24 hrs straight and he never got up once. I don’t think he ate anything either. It’s on YouTube. He also mentions he played it for 35 hrs straight, once.

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da firzt 7 hourz are da hardezt :sunglasses:

I’d do a 20 hour impro / :nigga: zonz zightrape, but I’m pretty sure sum mofo wud call da :police_car:

hahah da LEVIT zhud haf learnt from all da clazzic HEIZT moviez to juz

film 1 rpt n den put da cam on loop while goez n fuckz zum biatchz or wuteva :sunglasses:


The second seven hours, they’re the hardest too :whale:


Iz he actually zleep playing? Or clozing hiz eyez?

MAZZ DISREZPEC tho for using half a rainforest in printed scores inztead of da eco-friendly iPad option :lib:

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Surely all the pages are the same?