I'm randomly getting an organ!

This old lady that my mom knows has an organ and a piano. Ive never been to her house so I havent seen them. Anyways, she knows through my mom I love music, and the organ means a lot to her, but she doesnt want to sell it and would rather give it to someone who will truly enjoy it as a gift. That’s where I come in.

So tomorrow morning I am going over to her home to check it out.

Bach on the organ, here I come!!!

haha nice. enjoy the free gift, man.

haha when I read diz title I thought diz wuz ur comin out 8)

lol wtf

hahha wit all da deragned sex storiez from da milfhuntah diz wud be of no surprise

hi u fuckah…long time no c

hahaha i haff surpazzed yo pozt count in yo absence.

when i read the title i thought u had kidney failure and needed organ transplant