Impro session

One I rather like even though it’s not full of flashy arpz and octz…

More interesting than any of Nyiregyhazi’s cumpositions.
Nice D minah - D majah cuntrast.

Thanks, and actually I keep meaning to write this out and correct some minor details… not sure the Nyiregyhazi composition angle would have sprung into my mind, haha. He remains an enigma to me: clearly he was a real mofo at one point but his later stuff seems a bizarre mixture of wildly inaccurate banging and, almost incongruously, some moments of genuine and unique beauty in quieter sections…

Yes, but he considered himself to be mainly a composer, he was composing all the time and I’ve heard some of his piano pieces…your impro style reminded me a bit of that. :slight_smile:

Haha, I c :wink:

It’s pretty atypical of my actual impro style tbh.

More usually it’s something like this
sort of cocktail piano on steroids, either that or half :ziff: wannabe, half unmitigated kitsch!

A good friend of mine (we lost contact) could improvise more or less in the same style as you do. I was always envious, it’s a special talent, also he could never clearly explain to me what he was doing or where it came from. :wink:

That sounds oddly familiar! It’s just something I’ve done right from when I was six or seven.


1min in, already bettah den half da BROTHA zl*w mvmtz 8)

2’16 diz a BACHBUZ chacone LH OCTZ tribute, cummah at almoz exactly da zame point in da zong too, REZPEC 8)

AHAHAHAH da ovahall zadnezz iz expertly conveyed in diz upgraded endin tune :sunglasses:

n tru da IMPRO iz a very perzonal zheeyat, n each mofo haz hiz own diztinct ztylee tru, n fav keyz etc. da impro ztylee iz actually a wikid look into da inztinctual zide of a penizt, n zum of dat ztylee vil uzually carry-ovah into playin of REP 8)

az u mofoz noe

da zepp bazically value INZTINCT above all zheeyatz in 88 playin 8)

8) yeah definitely sum Bachbuz!

Totally agree with everything here. I’ve honestly reined in a lot of inztinct in my playing, zomething to do with trying to tranzition from random amateur to zeriouz muzician (I hate the concept tbh, muzic should be totally perzonal and nothing to do with externally defined “principles”) and zometimez think it would be better to return to raw rape ztyle :smiling_imp: But I got a lot of thingz wrong that way… Maybe diz zenario cummah with not being conventionally trained.

Pozz diz iz why I like impro zo much. It’z always on my terms.

sorry for outbreak of zeriouznezz :blush:

AHAHAHAH diz kind of pozt belong

in da SDC conzervatory

where 88 tech n ztylee iz dizcuzzed in an in-depth mannah 8)

Ahahaha for da deepah mo meaningful muzicogical and philozophical implicationz of rape verzuz dizipline :gav: :gav: