improv book

I’ve always wanted to improvise within the classical medium and bought a book about a year ago. I finally took some time to read through it and have pretty much been blown away by it.

I couldn’t find any other books on this topic, especially for more advanced pianists.

I thought that I’d show you guys this. With dedication and if you’re not a complete idiot, this book can surely teach competent classical improv… … 002&sr=8-1

I actually just wrote a review on it in the last 5 min.

just wanted to share this with you guys cause its great stuff.

got pdf? :comme:

wow, thats written by one of the piano professors at my uni. i didnt think that guy was an improviser. i might check this out.

got pdf? :dong:

Doesn’t have to be the entire book, but maybe 1 chapter to see how it’s written and if it works out :slight_smile:

I just previewed the first chapter on Amazon. Seems pretty well written

there are only one or two chapters that interest me; I want to learn how to harmonise a given melody by ear, I’m not so much interested in melodic improvisation.

sorry guys, no pdf and i have no idea how to use my pc to do that : \

But yeah, I love this book. Really, just get it unless you can find pdf or something.

It’s cool,

has simple examples like Fur Elise, gets progressively more difficult… good shit.