Improvised sonata

The last movement (10.02) is probably the most sdc-friendly :japanese_ogre::sunglasses:


The especially furiouz final segment :blush:


These pics spooky as fuck! Also rec quality sounds good!

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I’m recording straight from Rode NT5s to my PC via a mixing desk, then noise reduction in izotope. Considering it’s a small living room I don’t think it’s too bad.


I’m listening through TV set up but kicked over to this from Hamelin’s Hexameron rec. Your’s sound better tone wise back to back.

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Ah, epic Hyperion sound production values!

Yeah… they should put out the compressed versions for ipod style mofos but have uncompressed sound - especially when buying “studio” masters n shit. Da Doc have not had a bass register since what his medtner album?


Daim, I get a TCHAIK vibe from da festin Orage.

It really sounds good.

Any update on da KAT masterclass btw? Troubleshooting a way to REC it?

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They usually swim in oceans of reverb.

Nope, not heard from him! It’s going to be either a matter of finding a way to rec the phone, or it’s going to be buying a laptop! I can feed the audio into the phone now but if I want to rec it to my pc at the same time I’ll probably have to buy a splitter cable for the output from the mixer.

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Can I ask where you ended up putting the NT5s? I’m trying to do much the same (rec a grand in a small room) and I can’t find a decent mic placement.

This is the way I have it atm. I’m surprised it’s working as well as it appears to be, but for whatever reason the bass is better with the left mic pointing diagonally rather than more or less straight ahead like the right mic.


I also seem to have had better control over the audio quality after feeding it through this inexpensive mixer (though in fairness I needed it to connect the mics to my pc):


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Thanks for the info - do you find you have to watch your breathing with the mics placed like that?

I’ve not been picking up much tbh. I suppose the direct line of the left mic is pointing more at the upper treble than to where I am. I was getting far more breathing noise with a phone sitting at the rightmost end of the keys.

Thanks mofo - I appreciate it! I’ll experiment along those lines :sunglasses:

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Could you do me a favour and put this through the midi creator software you had? I’m not ultimately looking for a midi, but the plot of the notes and durations would be SUPER useful in terms of transcribing this, putting it down on paper and editing it compositionally into a polished form. It has enough good material, imo, to justify me trying to transform it into a composition.

If you can do this, no rush, it will take ages anyway to put it into Sibelius… ty

Here you go :sunglasses:

Sonata for piano (improvised) (152kbit_Opus).mid (86.2 KB)

What are you using to view the MIDI output? I’ve not found anything so far that’s both user-friendly and displays in a helpful fashion. I’m using a antiquated thing called MIDIplay and would be happy if there was something better.

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Thanks, I’ll search around to see if there are any decent viewers… if I’m really lucky maybe someone’s written an automated plugin for Sibelius which reads midis.

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Sib def imports MIDI, but unless your playing is supa-robot it’s just a mess of hemidemis, ties and rests. A nice clean MIDI reader would be great if you find one (or find a way to make Sib read MIDI more cleanly).