Improvz album!

Took tha plunge and released an album of my improvz plus some compoz.

Here’s a sample track :smiley:



diz album covah already an INZTANT CLAZZIC!!!

HAHAHAHA diz broodin FURY zound lyk

a zequel to

da ROCKY1 mvmt1 caddy FUCKKKKKKK REZPEC!!! 8)

Ahahahaha @ instant clazzic :smiley:

dis impro is a bit quasi Rock, tru.


I like real improv because anything can happen. Think general classical music differently neat because you are playing with expectations and structures.

Jazz I’m still on the fence about. Aside from reharmonizing in interesting ways and tinkering with rhythms not sure what the fuss is about - until they play in groups. Then I’m geniunely impressed how they communicate ideas to eachother on the spot.

Very fluent and coherent, mofo!

I iz lisztening currently at 36k feet at 450 mph (too zlow)

I think this particular one is pure improv because I was letting my fingers guide me. Sometimes I’m more aware of the structure and, in relation to your comment, yeah that results in something where formal aspects are attended to even if what emerges is still somewhat down to chance.

This one was totally accidental and happened after I’d recorded something which had been “written out” beforehand. I was sufficiently pleased with it that it replaced another track I had been going to use.


Any Asian stewardesses on board? :lib:

Tru, but harzhly dey iz all ovah da TM zeniah 8)

Harzh. Maybe use him as bait? :laughing:

AHAHAHAH well da fuckin ZENIAH duz haff dat clazzic

net worth > $1 million look 8)

Tru. Bazically middle clazz by today’s standards 8)


truuuu harzhly :whale: