In-depth prax ov a :pimp: donizetti buzroll clazzic [full blown perf posted]

Tru, getting diz mofo back fo da TRUPIMPCOMP zelection

Randomly a hard zong, many spazz random texturez n techz.

Da TM juz relearning diz fo a ZERO rape approach n no tenzion


I quite like this piece, I’ll watch this fully later. Completely agree with you about the need to have approximate connection of tempo between variations.

Randomly, to relearn a zong iz alzo a big Rezponsbility

Fuck old habits, grab im right by da :peach:

This is a pretty good Thibaudet rec of this but mostly moist / free style.

Yeah, I like his rec a lot, but he’s more of a crispy type approach than a mofo one.

Tiz pretty gud but da TM prefer da

Speeded up BUZ roll :sunglasses:

Diz clazzic!

Da buz subtle addition of measures. Daim, whut a profound mofo!

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HAHAHAHA diz da TRUMOFO CLIT zelexion clazzik!!

Diz zong mo colahful den da PIMP uzually iz in deze thingz. I vil examine diz maztahclazz when I iz back from da mini vacation :sunglasses:


Now tiz 80% ready fo COMP unleazh

And 90% BUZROLL tempo :smiling_imp:


HAHAHAHAHA DIZ ZONG much bettah den da mo famouz but alzo mo ramblin FAUZT WALTZ, wiz perfect balance of da ZPEED-MOIZT-FURY trifectah

HAHAHAHA da bezt tone iz produced at 4’39 REZPEC diz whole zection endin GENSUI leadin into da clazzik moizt mvmt where da tone alzo very gud :sunglasses:


FUCKKKKKKKKKK bazed on diz perf i rank diz zong az a top-5 PIMP parazheeyat :sunglasses:

alzo da choice of attire :lib: :orage: DAYUM :sunglasses:

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Nice :slight_smile:

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Tru, diz randomly an SD clazzic :racing_car: :sweat_drops:
n :tmfury:


Fuck, diz one of doze rizky zheeyats dat is fuckin harder den dey sound, dayum. Diz quasi-Chop level ov bitchy writing

Starting from 6:41 da wtf hand crossing n da leapy bitch ass LH plus RH chord fuck fuck!

Diz! Diz a rizky zheeyat!

@da_zepp correct, I still need diz to have a speedy but CHILL vibe, not too much fury, juz a happy moizt unleash. Da BETTAH interp ov da zong, da easiah it will sound to da average mofo


ahahahaha TRU diz one of da few EPIC PIMP TRANZz wiz a HAPPYMOFO vibe :sunglasses:

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n all da TECHS here randomly non-strength oriented n not readily raped. Full of mini leaps, legato octs, single chop-style bass notes n even sum octs wiz inner voices :chop:

Did he consult wiz da fuckin :chop: b4 writing tiz?
Da level of bitchiness is 40% :hui: levah


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2.09-2.16 don’t think I’ve heard that voice before.
3.19 really liked this section.
4.06-4.46 my favourite part, pianistically, of dis parasheeyat :slight_smile: daTM pozz a touch naughty here with his interp :sunglasses:
Hahaha da coda unleazh!

Interesting moizt v fury juggling act. It seems really under control technically and you can probably ultimately interp however you choose.

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Truuu, da :pimp: total compo mastery
I randomly really love how da pimp structured da zong

Tru I play da voice wiz da LH as a 3-note chord, first note of da arp is taken wiz da left hand

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This piece is growing on me now. It’s got moisture but also early Liszt what the fuck technical randomness for interest.


Tru, he really makes a masterpiece from this material. Pretty big collection of techs n textures in diz one

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