In-House Recordings

Spurred on a bit by the recent Aimard post:

In earlier times, DASDC postings used to include more “in-house” items being shared by forum members. In more recent years, this facet of the discourse has dropped off quite a bit, including from me. (Of course, though I have access on the site to a couple levels of post, perhaps there is/are more levels of which I’m unaware.)

As I gather that all on this forum are active, if not rabid, collectors and probably recordists in our various venues, how about either a dedicated area in DASDC or at least some level of commitment from each of us to posting in-house recs on a regular basis? I’d think all would benefit?

Anyhow, just a thought. For my part, my era spans a generation or two earlier than the current wave of performers. But if there’s interest in older stuff as well…


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I’m happy to share what I record going forward now that I figured out how to get nice sounding bootlegs. Good point on the levels thing. Not sure what is visible to who. Is Elite Recs the place that makes most sense?

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Maybe next level up is figuring out which seats sound best


The herbst theater sounds fabulous in balcony and box as you can hear in the Aimard and Poon recs.

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Yeah and da small carnigga best in balcony cause da sound carries through da ceiling

Actually this is the case for the huge Carnegie too except it tends to start and blur heavily

I suspect Klavierhaus streams would sound way better if mics were placed further back.

Sound on broadcasts is basic bitch yet you still gotta play to project to the last seats back even if it blow out the mics a bit

Might be interesting to get one of these in ear mic setups to record what people are hearing when you play. I think this one is a 48v set from Sound Professionals. Recorder is Zoom F3.

It is EXACTLY as I remember hearing it. Stereo recording dun capture how the space is responding very well when not binaural.

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Yeah there is a reason those Horowitz bootlegs generally sound better (and make more musical sense) den da up-close dry abominations of those same concerts

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Yup. The sound carries so well there that you can still hear the wrong notes from Horowitz’s 1965 famous return concert up in the corner.


Oooooo yeah

His wrong notes sound great