Ingolf Wunder's Transcendental Etudes

I noticed that he has the complete Transcendental Etudes in his repertoire. I would love to hear him play them considering how well he plays the Chopin Etudes.

his sheeyat iz not easy to find u mofo.


anyone wantz his gaspar rec?

yep moi !!! iz it git quality?


i really wanted to upload dis legendary rec to da forum, but i can’t
randomly mah internet iz fiendishly too slow

da random jewznezz

random jewznezz?

and his gaspard is where?

yeah I want his sheeyat

HAHAHAHAHA U MOFO!!! I vil BUY it from u

wiz 50 ziffroz 8)

Wunder is like Argerich, but faster (cuz he fakes even more than her) and a lesser musician.

In other words, not that interesting.

fakes wut?

-da Meph

Wunder? uhh, everything. 8)

da concluzion iz correct :stop: , but da reazonin predicktably WRONG :ho:

did u even do da zl*mo analyziz of da live 10/4 lyk i told u to? :doc:

haha fuck. gavrilov could probably play the 10/4 with his testes and it would have better tone than wundah. 8)

Wunder isn’t really even faster anyway.

Gavrilov 0:00-0:44 sec - 44+/-1 s
Wunder 0:52-1:35 sec - 43+/-1 s

Hear for yourself … XHZ8U7PQ6U

It’s no wonder he lost the Chopin competition: he did not really have much to offer the music.

da firzt rule of tech analyziz:

dun compare a ztudio rec wiz a LIVE PERF, u FUCKAH

yet aftah u broke dat rule, da :god: ztill won. u can do diz again fo da COLDFART, if u want 8)

n if u zl*w down da :god: 10/4 n compare wiz da LIVE GAV u vil realize da :god: haff an extra 10 zecz in him in da coda. n da GAV juz rapez :whale:

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