Ingrid Fliter?

Damn I just ‘‘found’’ this pianist on YT and I am VERY impressed.
What do you guys think?
Check out her Beethoven-its so beefy.
Her Chopin F-sharp minor Pol is also amazing.

If you want beefy Beethoven try Annie Fischer.

But tru, Ingrid Fliter is definitely one of the most impressive younger pianists around. I’m particularly taken with her Chopin.

AlexeiSultanovForever = TM?

From the little I’ve seen of her, she is extremely good and not nearly as well known as she should be. Anyone have any of her recordings?

only da chopin disc if u are interested.


that would be great kritty!

I randomly dloaded diz myself, so far (chopson 3) randomly disappointing; lacks fury and the slow movement bored me. Pozz wuz hexpecting too much from her.

Yeah, I’ve been looking into her recs and radio broadcasts. Some are good, some are not. So far, none are ‘great’. (IMO)

True, I was hoping was greatness. I might still get that VAI DVD eventually.

I once listened to the Chopin CD, I did not particularly like it

nice bump

ahahaha man wut do u expect

zhe cudn even beat da SHRIMP in da chopcomp :dong:

She subbed for Argerich in Los Angeles a few years ago. Beethoven 1, very good but didn’t jump out. As far as recognition, she had already won that once in four years piano prize determined by secret jurors.

yes, but she’s not exactly a big name yet. In any case, I’m not so into her playing after further listening. Now I’m all about Mejoueva. :rectum:

I’m very impressed with her boobs. Her playing, meh…