Insulating a room

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding this?

Basically I’m buying a baby grand (see poll elsewhere!) and, as I live in a semi-detached house, I think I probably should make some effort to deaden the noise via the common wall with the property directly next door.

I’m also planning on using the 88 quite a bit :sunglasses: hence my vague concerns.

I’m unsure how effective acoustic foam will be tbh, whether the sort of thing you see in a recording studio room is more for controlling echoes than reducing external noise transmission.


Acoustic panels are just to improve the acoustics of the room, they won’t do much for insulation alas. There are no shortcuts with this, if you want to do something which will really make a difference you need mass and air gaps, meaning adding a new layer to the wall.

It’s easier to dampen the sound from the piano itself though. Play with lid closed, put a thick blanket over it, etc. Not what you want, but it keeps the neighbours away.


I’ve also heard that neighbours really hate improvs - but they are happy listening to Beethoven’s Op.26 at full volume.


I had a bad feeling there were no simple short cuts.

My neighbours are fairly used to it, but I do go through phases of not playing much 88, so I’ve got away with it… for now. Long prax does tend to piss them off though.

I had my room soundproofed c 2010 when he moved to a new apartment and had huge neighbor problems, even when I was practicing sum light mozart stuff and chamber music.
Long story, but we had to soundproof my room for around $12,000 in addition to the $330,000 da NYC apartment cost.

Randomly, da apartment worth at least 2x now

but yeah, a good company did it, forget who, but the raised the floor, applied greenglue soundproofing material, built up an extra wall, and installed a solid wood door

ceiling was not soundproofed completely but did get reinforced and have some soundproofing foam injected

I can’t practice in my room at night, the sound still bleeds through quite a bit, but when I have no alternative except practice lightly in my apartment - I can play. During the day

and yes, I have really shitty neighbors.


Ahahahah da zepp headquartahz alzo a zemi-detached joint wiz neighbahz on one zide

Zo da zepp 88 iz uzed much mo zparrinly cumpared to

da zepp zilent DIGI :sunglasses:

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I suspected an added internal wall might be one of the few effective options, but that’s expense I don’t fancy and the room isn’t that wide as it is. I’ll maybe try bookcases and some sort of rug on the common wall. Hopefully the sound in the room isn’t going to be too muddy, as I fancy doing a few vid unleazhez :wink: