Intellectual Sheeyat

First of all, mah-bad-self has been having dreams of playing sheeyat that I have never played. Scriabin 2nd sonata or Tchai 1st conc for example. And in da dreams, I’ve been sitting at da piano, playing all notes flawlessly, like I’m michalangeli reincarnated or some sheeyat. … aders.html

Read that, and then doesn’t it make sense that perhaps watching shitloads of piano vids would subconciously teach you da pieces? :lib: It’s long been a standard in sports to watch other atheletes and to envision yourself doing what you should be doing before you do it.

Pozzibly. If only our concious could tap into da subconcious, I think we know alot more than we know that we know.

haha tru i had a dream where i playd da complete KAN op39 n when i woke up derez ztill half an hour left in da lekcha 8)

one day I dreamt that I played da opus clavicembalisticum, and then when I woke up and started practicing, I started playing that mofo piece as if I had been practicing it…no sheeyat…I swear…

me learnd tech by watchin da ziff play
n da zepp, tozha
:pimp: :stop:

watching videos definitely helps.

But honestly, I (personally) don’t think that it would help as much as with sports.

Piano repitoire is so complicated, that you’d have to have an amazing view of the hands to improve so much.

Actually, I do believe that you can improve by doing this.

I’m going to start watching vids of Gaspard, but only ones where you can see the hands. I bet that this will help very much. Also, I’ve noticed that if you watch professional vids, your standards for yourself skyrocket.

you know, I’ve been thinking about this some more; fascinating article by the way.

I think that usually when we watch vids, we watch to be shocked, as if it’s something we can’t do. From now on, when I watch vids, I’m going to pretend as if I am doing the movements myself.

Of course, this is harder if you don’t know the piece. I bet that this would make a difference in playing.

tru i will try diz starting with :rectum: 10/4

hahahahaa da VOLODYA


CG, but a good idea


hahahahaha, tru moi azizi

Hahahha tiz unlikly, aftah watchin da :comme:et 50 tymz out of CG, my playin diz ztill intact 8)