Interesting Richter tidbit

Truuuu, the 1949 article reveals that Richter planned to perform Beethoven’s Hammerklavier and the Brahms Paganini that year - but never did.

Interesting, as he programmed the Beethoven only from 1975 or so and the Brahms from 1986. Daim!

That’s really too bad. I know he came close again in 1965 to playing the Hammerklavier in concert. I believe there were even some programs in Italy which got switched at the last minute. Even 1965 would have been more within his prime years.

1949 Richter Brahms-Paganinis would be CRAZY good,

apparently his first non-student pro concerts were with da prok 6 and tchaik 1 tru. 2 pieces which he really fucking owns.

I listened to that 1963 rec of the op 110, as I just started the mofo myself. DAMN. That and the Gieseking live 1949 recs are tied.

Here’s where I saw the Richter Hammerklavier program:

Bergamo 1966

He ended up playing this instead:
Beethoven Sonata No. 11 Opus 22
Beethoven Sonata No. 12 Opus 26
Beethoven Sonata No. 27 Opus 90
Beethoven Sonata No. 28 Opus 101
Beethoven Bagatelle Opus 119.02
Beethoven Bagatelle Opus 119.07
Beethoven Bagatelle Opus 119.09
Beethoven Bagatelle Opus 126.01

I love his op 26, my favourite version (the video).