Int'l Tchaikovsky 88 Competition 2006

datz rite. it’z diz year. share any wikid news/info about dis compet f u know any.

  • 1958: Van Cliburn
  • 1962: Vladimir Ashkenazy and John Ogdon shared first prize.
  • 1966: Grigory Sokolov
  • 1974: Andrei Gavrilov
  • 1978: Mikhail Pletnev
  • 1990: Boris Berezovsky
  • 1994: No first prize awarded. Nikolai Lugansky won second prize.

here iz da example ov da legendary mofoz. not to mentino da 3rd prize winnah mofoz.


damn, here is quite an interesting article writing against tchai compet and other competz. it’s frm 2002 but still worth reading. … tions.html

“But should the world refuse to pay attention - as it did at the Tchaikovsky - television will turn elsewhere and the concert hall will lose its last mass-audience outlet. Don’t ask who won the Tchaikovsky last week. The loser was the future of classical music”.

“The Asian clean sweep does not, for instance, denote Far Eastern musical ascendancy. Both Japanese were taught by top Russians and the Chinese lad was groomed in a Soviet-style, cradleto-concert crammer. Stylistically, they played for points.”

the author clearly dizzed asian ppl.


dat year iz da most corrupted year of any piano competition.

4 out of 6 finalists are students of a member of jury. (Rudy iz one of them)

:rudy: iz incorruptible 8)

anyone know when dis comp takes place dis year?

hahahahahah correctly :kritty:

this competitions is corrupt. dont do it unless you got back~