wut y’all niggaz doin deez dayz?

I’m a real farmah

I’m about to be unemployed. :comme:

blankly staring out my window…

iz u a furiouz farmah who beatz hiz wyf and kidz when da seazon iz poor?

I work in a cubicle.

corporate lawyer wtf but alas it’s true

oh like job wise? I’m in technology sales so I am mostly unemployed but am working with Google right now on something gay.

haha “on something gay”, that made me laugh.
A job’s a job I guess; I stopped caring about career when focal dystonia derailed my piano ambitions.

Finishing up mah maztahz in jazz performance

Livin tha dream 8)

of havin abzolutely no money whatzoevah

professional pianist, which basically means i’m mostly accompanying amateur musicians, playing with choirs, strings and other orchestral stuff on synthesizers, celesta in orchestras, rehearsalist (is that the correct english term?) for operas and musicals, etc

and i teach part time

idk any of you in real life but i work full-time as a software engineer and play da 88 in my spare time lol

getting increasingly harder to get good. idk if i’ll ever be able to realize my dream of being able to play the pimpzon

med school :doc:

Know da feeling, exzept you forgot slave :slight_smile:

Hit the octave inspiration section enough and you should be good to go.

u in seattle then? I am doin da math Ph.D. at UW haha

Still in Radz, Mikey?

Yah, based here. Doin a bit of touring with the band, usual sheeyat at uni and proper concerts whenever they come up.

You still overseas or back?

Yeah I’ve been back for a year but about to head overseas again (as in next week).
As great as it is here, I’m too restless to stay.

I finished my compsci/math degrees, worked for a few years, realized I hate working in an office, hate coding, and hate coders, so now I’m working on a new degree, which I haven’t fully decided on yet. Tentatively doing Geophysics, but thinking of possibly Pharmacy or engineering.

Getting a little old for this shit, but I’ve got lots of money saved up and no student loans, so why not? Not planning on having any kids, and my girlfriend is a CPA, so I don’t exactly need to bring home the bacon.

Playing the piano lots though, working on Schumann Fantasy and Chopin Scherzo 2.