Is it possible to play da bach wid FURY?


  • tru
  • sheeyat no

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randomly, culd u do it?

WTC book 1, no.21.

diz iz anothar SDC piece.

da legendary nerd :stop:

deres one crazy ass sinfonia dat da gould does full justice…i think it may be #14…or maybe #4 I dunno…just guessing…i will post later


n da fifth too from da first book

no.5 sounds better at a slower tempo.

da Gav proved diz convincingly.

WRONG! :angry:

da Gav plays WTC book 1 no.5 pretty zlow and it soundz wikid.

OH. I thought you were referring to the Goldbergs.

U iz correct. 8)

wah cannot
u can play da piano in wutever way u wanz