is SteinwayModelD an obnoxious prick?

is SteinwayModelD an obnoxious prick?

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  • not tru

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who the hell iz you?

As if this isn’t just some untrustworthy wanker who re-registered because he’s too much of a pussy to post this sheeyat under his usual name. Btw, I’m done with da sdc, school is starting next week.

study hard brew, and dun smoke while you iz in school. :brotha:

Yes he is

unless it’s pot

Good luck, Brew! What are you studying?

randomly edison’s first post…hahhaah legend 8)

i wud love to be compared to da prokofiev myself !!

hahaha diz mofo INVENTED diz nu account, fuck, da 2 part inventionz :lib:

at least it isn’t da trumofo :unamused:

hahah well really randomly I got da commencement week confused and it actually starts on the 20th so yall will have to put up with me until then. I have never smoked pot despite being offered the opportunity many times, used to smoke cigz when it was the ‘cool’ thing to do. I am studying for B Finance/ LLB (ie law), in accordance with my desire to retire a rich mofo at 45 then randomly chill. 8)

he’s such a dick



tiz tru :pimp:

mildly disturbing


SteinwaymodelD, YOU are a dick!

YOU say that one more time

and YOU vill be banned

yo wat is with the threats mang? da sdc should be the place where all mofos can express dere opinions without the fear of being banned by teh all mighty admin. just an opinion from da memmingah :rectum:

p.s. - except for da trumofo 8)

p.s.s - sake is good sheeyat and i iz drunk off it


I iz in agreeanse

u in love with steinwaymodeld???


u’ve got mah porn vids, wat else do u want?!!