Is this really Liszt himself ?

Of course not!

‘Oh yeah, btw, somebody posted a recording of da :pimp: on YouTube, about a month ago. No likes yet and about 20 views, it’s not very popular.’

Here’s the article the uploader is referring to: … n_1886.pdf

Ha, if that’s Liszt himself then I have an authentic Friedman 1931 Berlin radio broadcast in FLAC 8)

It’s Rachmaninoff. Someone hid in his bathroom and recorded it from there. As a result there’s also a couple of recordings of what is believed to be Rachmaninoff on the toilet and singing in the shower, which will be coming out on a 4 CD set from Marston next year coupled with several recordings of composer-approved artists who used the bathroom in an authentic Rachmaninoff style.

20% chance

tiz da POCO 8)

Yep, it’s impossible to keep a secret from publius.

Btw the piece sounds like Liszt, but I don’t know it - what is it?

pozz a PIMP impro on da HANON TREMOLO, wiz zum unpredicktable tranzpozitionz 8)

It’s S.192#2

So the Lento assai from the 5 piano pieces - thanks!

Hahaha if da pimp did rec a sheeyat a moizt piece wud be da bez option becuz hiz PRIME TECH obviouzly wud haf faded :pimp: :stop:

Ahh, but you’re missing the AGE REVERZAL tech this machine can also do. =)

To my ears this sounds like a young pianist playing (or at least certainly not a 74yo).

The video has been removed, then reuploaded by “musischrank”. Clearly some kind of joke.

Man, I reckon da oldah Liszt sounded like an ultra refined light mofo, kinda like da Pachmann pozz!

ahahahah if da OLD PIMP zounded lyk da fuckin PACMOFO, tiz wud be da moz dizappointin zheeyat evah

twud be much mo agreeable if da OLD PIMP actually zounded lyk


Haha da Rosenthal recall dat da old pimp rarely unleashed anything requiring huge power, but he was capable of da lightness n most equisite fingahtech he ever heard.

Den again, apparently a student asked old pimp to demo da ERLDONG, zo da pimp went to do sum raw octs prax on a dummy keyboard n den unleashed an epic furious perf!

Da old pimp wud alzo prax 4-5 trillz on hiz dummy jewboard in his soare time.

I envision da pimp playing at dat time to be ultra smooth, light n amazingly elegant.

Da PACH could actually play wikid when he wuz not fuckin around:

Interestingly, da Pach cunzidered his bad zelf also 2b a :pimp: ztudent…he combined both da :chop: and da :pimp: approaches in his prime.
Da Zepp shuld listen to da EARLIEST Pachmann sheeyat. There’s sum surprizingly great playin in these 1907-1912 recs. Aftah dat, zere was early steady decline.
Zis par example is one of my favs

ahahahahah daiiiiiiiiim dat BAL 3 CLIMACDICK ZECT wuz indeed a bit LEGENDARY!!! da moizt tho a bit average 8)

but da random PIMP MAZURKA zumhow zounded lyk

a BZcholah interp + hizz machine 8)

Bach scholar in cahoots with this guy!!

Oddly godlen age tone off this professorial mofo hmmm