Italian pianists of the past

Hi, I’m searching for same rare recordings (mostly Rai) of various great italian pianists :

Guido Agosti
Tito Aprea
Marisa Candeloro
Rodolfo Caporali
Vera Franceschi
Franco Mannino
Vincenzo Vitale


I have the “Esercizi di Memoria” program on Vidusso and Agosti. It contains the Liszt Paganini Etudes and Granados Goyescas played by Vidusso, and Beethoven’s Op. 110 played by Agosti, and some other things.

I need some time to find the files and can post them as soon as I locate them.
In addition, I had a tape with Prokofiev’s Sixth Sonata played by Mannino, but I can not transfer tapes, alas.

Thanks, I have that program. But no Mannino !