!!!!!!! itz been a year, so here we go [EVERYMOFO PLZZ READ]

Yarrr time for some explanations and sheeyat

About the inline ads that were up a few weeks ago…
No, we’re not having troubles with budget problems for hosting… not really. I’ve been paying $18 a month since the beginning of this site, that might not sound like a lot but I’m a student (and as you all know, students are fucking poor.) So, I thought I’d put up some paid ads and check out the reaction of the members… which wasn’t too great, and within a couple days I took off the ads 8)… (we’ll come back to this latah)

WTF was that crazy sheeyat with all the lost posts and membahz 8)?
We were doing a lot of updatez, upgradez, and installing/uninstalling featurez during that week. And one day, through a bad query (from a badly written mod), the users table was dropped (the posts were fine). It turned out that our host stopped backing up DBs a long time ago, so our only choice was to go back to the backup made around 2 months ago… and through a bit of miscommunication between the mods, the posts made in the few hours between the incident and the restoring were lost (most of which were spam anyway…) Well we’re back to normal now, with a membahz count of 284… we originally had ~300, the incident dropped us back to 180, so we’ve made some really significant progrezz in the past couple weekz.

The Future?
The shop feature vill be fully implemented… so you can actually buy stuff with da ziffroz. We’ll also have a portal website for the sdc, with official news about legendz and sheeyat. The forums will be reorganized and cleaned up a bit (no posts lost) since some membahz have complained about the excess of random subforums and threads not belonging to the subforums they’re in. Also, since the file sharing joints have been very active and growing very fast, we’re planning to expand it. The free uploading services are beginning to lose their efficiency as our user baze grow, so we hope to eztablish a full-blown file-swapping infrastructure (if we can get enough support from the membahz.) 8)

This site vill be moved to a cheaper host soon… so we can have more money to host file-sharing webspace (outside of the US, of course.) I know none of you wants to let me pay for everything for the rest of mah life, so if you’re willing to help me out, send me an email lostincode[at]gmail.com and I’ll send you the paypal donation link and other info. And yes of course helping out will give you some special privileges when we get the file sharing going… this is also the reason why I will only take donations from active membahz… don’t want random lurkers jacking da good sheeyat. If you’re as poor as I am… don’t worry because there are other things you can help out with later

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i randomly REZPEC da KEV

n i vil donate u 5 ziffroz, pozzibly 8)

‘da forums will be reorganized n cleaned up a bit (no posts lost) since some membahz have complained about da excess of random subforums n threads not belonging to da subforums dey’re in.’

hahahha, no conzultin da chairman?!?!?!

diz iz all gud, but wut doez diz mean?

how vil it be cleaned?

n hu da FUCK haz complained?

Your hard work is appreciated. RESPEC.


how many ziffroz iz a sdc tshirt and/or mug

5€/month fo da gensui french hoztin


$0 raised so far 8)

i’ll send money when i get a job.

tru 8)

i promise ill pay once i get contract with EMI classics !

i haff no idea who u iz supastar, derefor u iz not important enuff fo a contract. go away. i hate you.