Iz Coffee a Performance enhancin drug?

Intereztin fact -
da HO ztayed away from Coffee

but da DOC iz a Coffee fiend :doc:

I think part ov it iz bein a tourin mofo n dealin wiz jetlag

Wut iz yo experiencez?

  • It makez my prax n perfz betta
  • It fuckz me up wiz jittahz n nervez
  • Neutral

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One or two cups before morning practise routine is great, but before a concert? Jamais

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It’s a bit of an aphrodisiac really. Can function fine without it after a week, but life’s more fun with it.

I have too much anxiety to even think about it but bought a 1000mg theanine supplement I take with coffee. Life altering. You get the energy without feeling like you just fell off a skyscraper. Now properly addicted ; )

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Haha rezpec

Da Fattyfatmofo experimented wiz any otha Nootropix?

I guess high dose L Carnitine. Gave me craps and made me anxious but fixed energy lull from low carb diet I was trying. Nothing beyond that because knowing my personality I’d be sucking dick in an alley to score it if it made me feel even a little good.


Haha respec.

If I rezheeyat correktly dere wuz a zcene in da movie LIMITLEZZ where he learn da 88 to an inzane level in an inzanely zhort tym

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