Jacaszek - Treny

Wikid ambient stuff

Boomkat review:


dayum that review makes it sound wicked. let us listen…

yep this is amazing.

ok onto track 2 :whale:

Finally got around to listening to this. Did it in one sitting.


hahaha rezpec 8)

Randomly I got sick of having not enough space on my player for all the music I like, so I went and got a hard drive player - sadly the only choices are iPoo and ZUNE.

I got a zune 80 gb and I actually love it a lot. I’m gonna have to spend a couple weeks cleaning up tags on my music - since it will only browse by tags, not by filename… which sucks.

Also, I have to re-rip or convert most of my stuff to MP3, which is also a bummer. WHY doesn’t it support Vorbis? WTF

Besides that, this thing seriously rocks. I’ve owned an iPod - and this is BETTER.

/random thoughts

nice, I wuz wondering how the zune were, I’m especially interested in the 80gb verzion.

It doesn’t support rockbox doez it?

Sadly no. And it doesnt look like theres anyone working on it either.

very nice,

reminds me of Rachel’s

but much better production