James Rhodes


What do you think of this guy? Take a moment to put his story into perspective before hearing his playing, he is a professional pianist because he has somehow found fame but his playing sounds like a very passionate amateur…it’s technically imperfect but very sincere and worth hearing.

Also check this out, a discussion of his favourite recordings, including some Alkan, Godowsky, Hamelin!

He’s a piano nerd, like us, I really like the guy.

Even playing wise he is like us

Check out his interviews, he is a kind of crossover artist and is getting tv and radio interviews, quite a bit of recognition and I think if it brings people to our side it’s all good.

I don’t mind him, but I do mistrust the celeb / crossover aspect in general. At least, unlike many of that ilk, he can genuinely play.


Tech, etc - :zif: wins.
Sheeyat life before fame - :zif: wins…

tru diz part make moi feel zorry

fo hiz PE teachah :sunglasses:

Not sure I want to argue with da COMME’s massive girth, but here goes…

I think James Rhodes is an awful pianist. I mean, have you heard his Waldstein? It’s on a par with Evan Shinners in terms of violence done to Beethoven.

I’ve read his book, and respect his story. I’m glad that people can find healing through music. But I can think of half-a-dozen people I know personally who were abused by their conservatoire professors and who are substantially better than Rhodes as musicians, and their stories are just as awful (and newsworthy), and I’d rather hear their music.

Do I think people who have found healing through music ought to inflict their interpretations on the general public? In general, no I don’t. I also respect how community choirs bring people together and gives them something to work towards and enjoy. Do I want to listen? No. Is it music? Debatable.

Is James Rhodes bringing a new audience to classical piano/music? I really doubt it. People say that Strictly Come Dancing is good because it brings dance to a new audience. Bollocks it does. I work in the dance industry, and - apart from a modest, temporary upsurge in ballroom class attendance after each season - Strictly hasn’t brought anyone to ballet, contemporary, hip-hop or any other legitimate form of dance as art. Again: do I think ballroom dance is a good activity for people? Yes, of course I do. It’s a form of exercise, it’s a communal activity and it’s quite fun. But it’s not art, and I can’t ever imagine being so deathly bored as to want to watch other people doing it.

So yeah. No. I can respect Rhodes as a person. But not as a musician.


hahaha mo wikid without da zound :sunglasses:

Confession : I don’t think he’s terrible but he is amateurish I’d agree.
And I’d concede that mostly I prefer hearing him talk than play.

He’s a personality figure really, and hearing him play is like hearing an amateur friend who’s not consistent but sometimes pretty good and you feel encouraging of them and somehow enjoy their playing more for liking and supporting them as a person.

A lot of parallels with David Helfgott.

Did I enjoy the movie Shine? Yes! Would I buy a Helfgott cd? No.

I think he is a better pianist than Helfgott, I know he’s not up there with the greats but I can’t help but like the guy.

I DO understand the frustration however that he has far more fame than many superior musicians to him, but the thing we have to maybe put into perspective is that he’s famous as a personality first and the music is just a side to that.