Jean Leloup - Les fourmis

A great singer-songwriter from Quebec, tru. I really like what he doez/did. Dis mofo iz alzo a bit weird. When his firzt album came out, he didn’t like da produktion becuz he wuz kept out of it, n juzt befoh da album came out he said it wuz sheeyat in an interview n he went to da “launch” with a Ronal McDonald coztume 8)

dis album iz not hiz best, but it has sum wikid trackz tru.


haha get dis u beeyatchez

haha aight. never heard of him, but downloading 8)

ugh man what’s up with the 64 kb/s??

HAHAHA fuckkk zorry bout that, I will haff to reup, zeemz dere wuz a miztake when I converted da filez tru 8)

gimme sum time, it will be up zoon

link fixed, 192 kbps tru

sweet, thanks

no prob. tell me wat u think

ah shit would you mind reuploading?

this wasn’t always my kind of music, but I really enjoyed listening to some of it. Wouldn’t listen through the whole album in one take, but it’s a nice addition to my Zen.

tru, possibly latah tonight or tomorrow

HAHAHA I uzed to love this guy… i live in quebec too , i went to see him a few times in concert…

But I hate his new stuff, his best time was with La Sale Affaire in the 1990s .

hahahaha fuckkkkkkk respec da QUEBEC!