Jean Rondeau

Currently listening to his Bach transcriptions disc on Spotify. I don’t often follow harpsichordists (and even then they’re all French), but I find this mofo particuarly impressive. He has a kind of hipster image about him, but I just really like his playing. I’ve missed a lot of chances to hear him live, but I really want the first time I hear him to be solo. At least he’s from Paris, and plays here often. In the past, I’ve been a bit sceptical about the harpsichord as a concert instrument, since you can often barely hear it, but in a hall like Cortot (where he played a solo recital in December), it should be fine, at least from the first couple of rows.

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Finally, Brahms’ arrangement of the Chaconne sounds worthwhile, although it probably only works in the studio.

I’ve watched some of his videos on da tube. I really liked them. He has this Hipster vibe, but it works

Any mofo hu doubtz da zex appeal ov da harpzichord zhud remind demzelvz

Ov diz clazzic :sunglasses:

Dat harpzichord lyn zoooo zmooth n zooo zeductive


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I’ll see him live at Salle Cortot in January. Can’t remember what the rep is though.

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Mofoz united varz? :sunglasses:

Da beginning of diz zong I looped in Heat when Pacino rollin up to pull ovah deniro at night Tru?

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I heard him play the Chaconne on some BBC in concert Wigmore Hall stream and was very impressed.

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