jim carreyz brotha analyzez a legendary live rec!!!

da JOHN layz it straight:


This performance is so terrible, it is OBSCENE!

First of all, in so many places, Madge practically improvises. In the parts where there are large jumping chords, Madge merely pounds out random notes. He does not follow the music. This is what causes many to think that this piece is really bad… they think it is nothing but relentless “banging”, but let me tell you, it is not! I have studied the score for this piece for a very long time now, and that is NOT what Sorabji really wrote! I could practically point out parts on every page where Madge completely fakes the performance, often not even trying to hit the right notes.

So, let us start with the very first movement. This truly sets up what will follow. Right when the music starts to get hard, he starts to make mistake after mistake. Aside from that, his playing is not clean. Later, he just starts hitting random notes, a skill that he definitely has mastered, I must say.

The second movement is no exception. Though there are moments when his playing is bearable, for the most part, it is no better than the first movement. The majority of Fuga I is faked. The Fantasia is actually all right for the most part, but he doesn’t play cleanly, and at the end, he goes back to hitting random notes.

His entire Coda-Stretta is improvised. Any thing he plays that resembles the actual music even the slightest bit is merely a coincidence. And the end can make your ears bleed…

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wut a legend 8)




Tiz passage iz wikid too:

Madge released a horribly inept “live” performance of the complete Godowsky Transcriptions of Chopin’s “Complete Etudes”. The ineptitude was stupendous. It sounded like he was recording his first reading of these monsterously difficult works, and then decided to RELEASE THEM ON 4 CDs for some incomprehensible reason.

hahahahaha, da igor 8)