joggin n general excerzheeyat

i randomy ztartd joggin ovah tha pazt zummah every otha day 5k - 6k

i once went fo 8 k and injah’d my knee n cudnt jog for about 3 weekz :doc:

tru bein a zmokah iz a bit zheeyat fo thiz but mah breathin n cardio holdz up fine zumhow :wood:

i run around midnight becuz in tha beginning i had a feelin i look retarted when i run, but now tiz juz nice to run wit no carz around 8)

anyone elze run?

one day i hope to run a marathon :whale: 8)

Rob, you need to hit da gym.
Running will make you even more breakable that you already are :dong:

ahahah i’m 150-55 theze dayz :rudy:

tru ztill breakabl but wit a beer belly :gav:

Hahaha same foh da plastix

tru i started runnin a bit dis summer but stopped when i got back in Montreal…

I’ve been considering gettin a gym membahzhip at mcgill tho, tiz only $25 foh da whole semezter

tru tha uni gym iz a wikid deal :ziff:

squash and weightz again finally for the first time in years

hahah whutz tha zheeyat wit jogging if hter iz lightning?

i went yeatrday n didnt git electorcuted but a random googl zearch zuggezt thiz iz a terribl idea :gav:

I’ve been running the last two years now. I’ve done a sub-20 minute 5k and a 42 minute 10k. Did a Half marathon last year in 1:36 and I did a full marathon this summer in 3:32.

Now that I’ve done a full marathon, I’ll probably stick to 5 and 10k with the occasional half thrown in for good measure. BTW, I used to be kind of a fatty (6’ 2" / 250 pounds). Once I started running and eating well, I lost a solid 80 pounds in less than 4 months. Now currently 156 pounds. Healthy living is the way to go.

damn tha CANDAIN wikid tymz

tru i ztill eat generally crappy poor perzon food, but dang a 3’30 marathon iz imprezziv
how did u train? :rectum:

I do not jog or exercise at all , drink soda and don’t watch what I eat, yet I’m always at 135-140 poundz.

I must have a fast metabolism… I just don’t understand how I don’t get fat. When I buy food , I usually choose stuff with the most calories too, more bang for my buck.

Hahahah datz rite mofoz, hate me 8)

I trained the only way you can train. By running a LOT. 50+ km per week. Usually at a pace much higher than my goal marathon pace.

hhaha fuck
pozz zcarin da chix :zhreddah:

haha cocaine workz too 8)

True running is good!

tru i run/workout at night az well, take a shower and then sleep like a mofo

hahahah tru gonna go fo a 6k tonight :doc:

ended up goin fo 7k inztead n kind of bruizd my foot :mrgreen:

tru drinkin light beer tonight :blush:

pffft just drink straight vodka, only ~60 cal per shot.
Diz da bru calorie-efficient way to drink.
Unless beer affectz you more in which case 6 blondes ~ 600 cal a wagon-approved night out.

careful, later you’ll get da Grimabetes

aahahaha today ther iz a thing in canada calld thankzgivin wher u eat a lot of food n be thankful for tha zheeyatz u haff

tru i went jogging

alzo went joggin yeztrday; normally i try to go every othah day, but if i can make it a daily thang witout injahrin mahzelf twould be wikid :lib: :doc:

a fazcinatin pozt fo zho :doc:

pozz wuld be easier if you can cut back on da smokez?