John Ogdon Recordings

The only John Ogdon CD I have is of the Busoni concerto.

What recordings of his are most representative of him at his best?


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I like his Simon Boccanegra paraphrase and a couple other performances but much of his output is from an era was he was painfully overworking himself or had already broken down and been medicated to the point of physical decline.

Thanks ElGordito. I appreciate the response.

This is cool

I thought this was pretty nice:

Thank you Dr TM!

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Very welcome

His Busoni carmen fant and turnadotz i nice.

Hiz rocketz have good moment iirc

He have a live KANcerto fro IU dat he pozzibly sightread :doc:

Thank you Volodya!

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Almost everything is worth hearing, even (and especially) the post breakdown stuff in the late 70s/80s where his volatility produced some fascinating results.

Here are some of the essentials:

  • Busoni Concerto (aforementioned, there is also a live version with Horenstein floating around)

  • Bach-Busoni recordings (80s) on Altarus

  • Busoni Fantasia Contrappuntistica, All’Italia, etc. (80s) on Altarus

  • Rachy Etudes (Testament)

  • LIszt Concerto n.1 from 1962 Tchaikovsky Competition

  • Balakirev Islamey, from 1962 Tchaikovsky Competition (also a later 80s version played on a whim that flies off the rails)

  • Liszt Dante sonata, especially live version

  • Liszt Sonata, live from Moscow (also a weird but fascinating version in the 80s)

  • Ravel Gaspard, live from Moscow (same as above, the whole recital is amazing)
    any Liszt from the 60s/early 70s.

  • Brahms PC1 with Stokowski

  • Sorabji OC is a monumental achievement, but not for everyone

  • I am a fan of his weird Rachy recordings from the 80s, including some live recordings of concertos and rhapsody. Some of the studio preludes and etudes are a mess, but there are moments of brilliance (especially in some of the live selections that are floating around).

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Thank you Publius! I appreciate the detailed response.

@whomever u iz…yes! Listen da teatament rocketz. Da cd i got 20 yez alzo got da carmen fantasy and pozzibly da mozt inzane busonu turnadot evah ( like not a lot of playing, short zong, but wildly pulled off IMO)

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Transfer by @ElGordito

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@ElGordito win again. Holy sheeyat wut a crazy couple minutes!

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We missed the Nazifurry March.

Btw I recall a historical rec of this which impressed me years ago. I thought maybe Von Zadora but he did not rec it. Who the fuck was it?

Too vague. Can’t tell if I’d hit Turandot or not

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Juz liztend…Ogdon destroy her

And have bigger titz too


And better beard.


Hahaha whoa dude. Datz even harsh fo dasdc

And hilarious

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