Jörg Demus died


Who diz? :sunglasses:

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Strange, isn’t it? I recognize the name so well, but his playing…?

Tru, RIP.

This is the best recording of the song I’ve heard.

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I’ve heard from multiple people that Demus was a gigantic prick. Never liked his playing much either, so I have no feelings about his passing.

They say one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but a shocking fragment of a masterclass I saw could confirm that statement.
Heard him live once and it wasn’t memorable at all - I prefer Badura-Skoda by far.

My one memory of him really is that a friend raved about a Bach recording he had come across with him back in ca 2003, which he said he “died when he heard”.

I also remember that my reaction when he sent it was about …? however, so maybe it’s not surprising I haven’t looked in to him. But I’ve never heard anyone speak about him since either.

I remember checking out his Schumann series posted to YouTube. Meh… and his toccata made barere’s pulse seem as steady as da Rubinstein :timer_clock:

We’re not giving him much of an eulogy… :slight_smile:

I will try to listen to something with him tomorrow. Since I recognize the name so well I’m sure he must have left something good.

I don’t think I’ve even listened to any of his solo stuff.

hhaaa fuckkkk

firzt barz I thought it wuz zum :zif: rhythmic genzui
den he sudenly remebah da DOUBLE BEAT theory :sunglasses:


His Schumann is far from great so I’ve been told. I know him mainly through the recs with dfd. Also a terrible Mozart 88duo CD.
Also he fingered the haydn I’m playing atm :ghey:

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AHAHAHAHA fuckkkkkkk diz precize review :sunglasses:

hahaha diz rec a BIT fazcinatin :sunglasses:

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Haha dat literal-minded mofo playin n rolling all da 10ths in da shoe tocc

Dat needs a rewrite in spots :ho:


mannnnnn da OBITUARY ZECTION of da SDC


legendary harzhnezz :sunglasses:


When a famous person dies or when a famous tourist attraction collapses, it always brings about a large amount of hypocrisy. Not on Da SDC though. :stuck_out_tongue:
Take the Notre-Dame for example. Instead of haven taken care of a good basic fire alarm system and tackle negligence, da Macro is shouting “we will rebuild this togethah in a grand mannah”. Rich dudes cuntribute cash and they collect hundreds of millions. While some of the Paris Métro stations and less-known historic buildings are rotting away and while there is wide-spread decay/detoriation in many French cities…


ahahahah da PEARMOFO tryin to elevate da level of dizcuzzion in diz thread ic

ma only queztion iz

y iz dere ztill no MACRON 88 vid?

cuntzidahrin derez even DIZ zheeyat on da tube :sunglasses:


“Believe me, the Republicanz don’t want anothah piano playah in da White House.”
Wait until :dong: announces hiz candidazy for da 2020 prezidential erections. :smile:

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He understands like the rest of us that Notre Dame is a symbol, not just of Paris, but of France. The Paris Metro is a toilet, but it’s not neglected; they are constantly doing works on it, and they’re even adding a bunch of new lines (presumably for the Olympics). And nobody cares about any other French city other than Paris. :sunglasses: