Jorge Luis Prats?

Anyone know more about this pianist? I am surprised I haven’t heard much of this pianist, really top notch playing. I have heard his Gaspard is one of the best too, anyone has non-youtube stuff by him?

he iz wikid in granadoz n otha zpanizh/latin sheeyat :rock:

His Rachmaninoff Third is fantastic for such an unheard of pianist. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

Real virtuoso pianist who plays all the warhorses…

This is very impressive:

Tru I came across a couple of his vids a long time ago and was wondering why he wasn’t more recognized as a pianist.

Playing Petrushka in Amsterdam next year!

Apparently he played Gaspard and an all Ravel program last year near where I lived, and I fucking didn’t know.

Quite mofo, as a kid he nearly lost his left thumb which got sewn back on. As it seems, it healed quite well :p. I’m reading an interview he did for a Dutch newspaper in 2008. For your Dutchspeaksies= … skrant.pdf



fuckin lov that interp

Plays a bit like a non-gay Freire

a bit ban 8)


u know i’m right

Here’s Prats’ Rach 2/3

His Rach 3 on YT is shamefully incomplete, thanks a bunch!

Thank you. I shall have a listen this afternoon.

ahahaha da ZCAB pozz zlitely below da TRUGOD ztudio

but much bettah den da ORGY tru

n da LH thumb ztory iz predicktable, az detachment iz clearly da only way to tru fingah independence :lib:

I freakin love this dude. I randomly never really liked Scarbo until I hear his interp. His La Valse is incredible as well. Along with his lecuona/all spanish stuff. I need to buy this dvd when I get money!