Josef Hofmann Queens Hall Broadcast 1935 - London International Broadcast

This broadcast preserved you guys think?


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Ok answered my question refers to the e minor concerto fragment still kinda cool though…

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Yeah something like that. Or the 1936 Buenos Aires broadcast recital, apparently lost in a fire. I heard from Francis Crociata that there’s still a very small chance some broadcast from Ford Sunday Evening Hour of January 24, 1937 could show up. The treasure there would be the Pimp HR 12.


Luckily another broadcast of the whole mofo exists.

1938 wiz Barbirolli


Check out this british archive of this perf. A record of it preserved by Godowsky’s son. Wonder if that’s the Marston source or if different.

Hah! So that rec was made for Godowsky?

It’s similar today actually, the recs I make also go to several top tier pianists who want to snoop on the competition (not always with my enthusiastic approval I might add).

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X, I know about the 38 and 41 Beethoven 4 but what about this 1930 broadcast rec from April?


Hehe yes damn, this almost got me excited for a while there. But it’s a mislabeling alas - they mean 1938-04-04 (the Golden Jubilee Concert).

Shoot! Does anybody have Horowitz recording matrix logs from European Recordings - especially lost Brahms pag stuff…? May as well check the unlabeled test pressings they have there for kicks.

Remember used to be in the book which I lost : (

Yes… Though I’d need a day to find them!

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(they’re photocopies, in a binder or pile of paper)

I found the matrices in the Horowitz group. Possible good news… I think from patterns the CB/DB are being used interchangeably in other pressings matrix prefixes…

Maybe found the lost Brahms Pag side???

IMG_6153 IMG_6154

Ah, no. DB 7210 there is a catalogue number, which was only assigned for mastered pressings when they went on sale as a commercial product. The numbers you see in the logs there are the matrix numbers, which helped the labels keep track of their recording activity. The VH Brahms/Pag would have a matrix number since it was recorded, but it would not have a catalogue number since it wasn’t released.

(the C, 2B, RC etc in the matrix numbers also aren’t used interchangeably, but encodes something about the recording - the process, disc type, etc)

Got it, double shoot : (

The optimist in me is hoping for a mislabeled entry. Data is pretty sparse for commercial rec in their fastidious catalogue. Is super long shot, but firing them an email to see what I can find out about this mysterious entry. I’ll keep you posted…

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