Joseph Villa Liszt Discography … villa.html

In particular, the Wilde Jagd and the Orage would be very interesting to hear.

I think I heard his Don Juan, I might be mistaken, since it’s not on the list.

I have most of that stuff. I’ll post in a bit.

Oh no…Departures av!!!

Haha, didn’t like the film ? I thought it quite good. A bit sentimental, but I didn’t mind.

Randomly, on the topic of Japanese films from 2008, I was maybe a bit more impressed with Tokyo Sonata, but sadly it hasn’t received the acclaim that Okuribito has.

seriously? Damn, you have everything!

Thanks so much.

The over-sentimentality of it was just too much for my cynical ass. Especially the playing the cello outside bits and the whole stone thing at the end. Tsutomu Yamazaki (he played the mentor) was outstanding, though. I’ll have to check out Tokyo Sonata, thanks for the heads up.

I uploaded his live Rach 2nd sonata and 1st concerto a while back in the brothel–both are excellent.

I have the Rach 2 from the ‘Great Pianist Remembered’ set, and it’s my favorite recording of all-time. I remember I couldn’t sleep the first night I heard it because I was still trembling from the intensity of the performance; my god, it was so overwhelming. If I ever meet Ray Edwards, I don’t know how I could ever express my gratitude for him setting up that Walkman…

watched both Departure and Tokyo Sonata
i would place the latter a bit higher for having a more realistic feel to it

though departure has that relaxing air and nonchalantness to it

@ canadian: respec ur avatar… i always wanted to watch that movie, but eventually the took it out of the cinemas :frowning:

gotta rent it soon…

just saw your response, thanks!! I am looking forward to hearing it.