Just pre-ordered this:


Rach 2 / Rach 3

This is gonna be SICK






haha FUCK! nice!

aw man you guys like van clitburn??? :whale:

Say what you will, but after 50 years, Van Cliburn’s Rach 2, 3 and Tchaik 1 are still legendary.

Cliburn’z small repotire zuckz
but hiz concerto/big piecez are awesome

Well, I like his Chopin Sonatas, his Brahms Concertos, his Prokofiev 3, Macdowell Concerto 2, Rachmaninoff Sonata 2, his Ballade 3 is excellent, his Barber sonata is good, his Mozart k330 is stunning etc etc.

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why Cliburn has such a bad reputation among listeners. I know the ‘My Favourite…’ series is a bit corny, but there’s some nice playing to be heard on those discs.

His concerti are amongst the best versions of each piece. I haven’t heard much of him beyond that.

Not to forget his beautiful videos of Widmung or HR 12…
I like him!

his rach 3 is still my favourite.

How is it, Chris?

Don’t know. It just shipped today.

I’ll post it as soon as I get it - for the deserving mofos, at least.

I’m looking forward to hearing how these sound.

These performances are both already available in audio and they sound fine - and they’re really great performances.