*just released* NIN - Ghosts I - IV

Sheeyat. da radiohead distribution method is catching on. Check out nin.com. 36 tracks of industrial instrumentals. Awesome stuff so far. Havent had time to listen through yet though.

Here’s the full sheeyat in 320mp3: megaupload.com/?d=ZL83NUTT

or you can torrent:
mp3: mininova.org/tor/1214911
flac: mininova.org/tor/1217610

i recommend da flac. This is the kind of album where lossless is is worth it.

haha randomly da Trent one ups da Radiohead discbox and offers a $300 “ultra deluxe” 2500 limited edition box set…with blue ray, dvd, digital, cd, and other sheeyat…sold out in 2 days…w…t…f…

I don’t like NIN, but then I’ve randomly never actually listened to them.

Pozz i should do so someday. Reznor seems like a stand up guy

yeah. ive never gotten into them either. This seems like really quality work though. Probably will check out more of the prior stuff now.

hahaha rezpec, I read about dis in da newzpapah ovah here, da article wuz titled “Trent Reznor pulls a Radiohead” 8)

hahaha da price of being da #2

hopefully da critics and sheeyat dont forget that its all about da music and nothing else

fucking annoying when you read whole articles on in rainbows and its completely about the release and doesnt mention the music at all.

hahaha tru, especially since da music iz freakin’ incredible

Give the Fragile a listen.

Still the best produced album up to date (IMO)

btw, mazz respec

almost forgot about this

it’s been a while…