kapustin etude no3 "toccatina"

rawr unleash

pozzibly not very good though…

That’s excellent imo. I tried to learn this myself, but it’s just friggin HARD. You kicked its azz. Respect

Rezpec… Really enjoyed this

Your dexterity is up to the task. Control could be a tad better. I think you should try it on a better piano. Impressive stuff, and props for tackling such a difficult work and doing so well with it.

ahahahah tru tha coq iz moz def an underratd legend :doc:

rezpec :gav:

rezpec! some pretty m*sical playing

nice! not a huge fan of razputin but I like this.

very nice job dude, respec da clean execution

Wow! Haven’t heard any Kapustin before, but this is awesome! Great job, rezpec

Very nice! You should be proud:) Maybe if you played or listened to a bit more jazz you could get an even better jazz-feeling to the piece? Anyway really great playing of a difficult piece.


imma learn dat

Do you have any recommendations? I’ve heard only some Tatum, but not knowing anything at all about it’s history or suchlike, I have little idea of what to search for…

Maybe Oscar Peterson. I think Kapusting recommended that.

you might try bumping some of deze threadz bro: dasdc.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=28