Kärntner Sparkasse Musiksipentidum = FUCKED UP COMP

daz rite i just want to make a report of this competition in Austria that took place last week, where i managed to get into semifinal until they “kicked me off”. It features a bad organization and completely unaddequated jury.

  • Starting with the organization: Participants Allowed to practice only 3 hours for the semifinal and only 1 hour per day for the first round. You perform on a Fazioli with an action that is quite a joke. You CANNOT try the piano before your competition performance due to artistic reasons ( WHAT THE FUCK ) “every great pianist should be able to play in any grand piano”??

bonus: the rules says in first round you prepare 2 chopets from op.10 and op.25 and the jury DECIDES WICH ONE you perform. Guess what you perform BOTH because the jury decided it the same day of the first round.
FUCK!! what kind of jury is that! i mean i could have choose contrastant etudes for that propose, wich part of “WICH ONE” they don’t get???

  • How can you make a piano competition with a jury that consist on only 2 pianist and other random 7 mofos including a art professor, armenian symphonyc dirigent, music agent, critic from press… i should have noticed that before. From now on, i will do some serious research for juries, even if the name doesn’t ring bells at all

at least one of the pianist, Margarita Höhenrieder is quite respectable, 1 prize in Busoni, she had the best comments on my perf after the final gala… the other one, Carlo Grante, you can judge here

youtube.com/watch?v=bHRT-Fmg … re=related

  • Jury feedback after 2 round. Quite contradictory. Someone saying “your Brahms Ballade was nice, i liked the middle section” and another saying “the middle section lacked direction and not good constructed” doesn’t helps you at all. Or “Your Wilde Jagd was good” and “Your Liszt Etude was actually BAD” wtf??
    a friend played an amazing scriabin op.8 no.10 and someone of the jury told him “you choosed quite a easy etude” W T F ?? and another told him “Deine Liszt war für mich Kaputt” very proffesional…

AT least the first price was correctly awarded to Nareh ARghamanyan who played a fantastic Liszt Ballade no.2. She also won the last Montreal competition i think. But then, why bothering with a smaller comp, money i guess… The 4 5 and 6 price was definitely not good… Some of the most boring performances ever attendend. And Jun Ishimura, 3prize of the Maria Canals comp didn’t make it to the finals, regadless of her amazing LAPD and SCrib C#minor etude (the one with arpeggios all the way in LH)

so… my advice, IF you don’t know the jury, don’t study in Wien and don’t play crystal clear no pedal and boringly correct, avoid this competition, it’s fucked up.

YOU must even pay your accomodation!! i spent like 180 euros on it!

“competitions are a fucking joke” :BREN:

" juz devote to transcriptions and russian great underrated composers"

“just keep doing them” :cliburn: :koltakov: :koltakov: :koltakov:

“i never really needed comps at all” :rectum: :rectum:



Fabio Luisi
Edouard Topchian (wtf)
Ernest Hoetzl (WTF WTF WTF)
Carlo Grante
Margarita Höhenrieder
Wilhelm Sinkovicz (wtf)
Peter Sylvester Lehner
Sonja Steindl (WTF WTF WTF)
Elisabeth Dvorak-Weisshaar


1prize: Nareh Arghamanyan
2. Beatrice Rana
3. Zheeyoung Moon
4. Viktor Urvalov
5. ANdrey Nesterenko
6. Nikolay Leshchenko

that sounds like typical fare for competitions. in general the whole premise is a fucking joke, and the wrong people tend to win over and over again. the jury is generally made of mofos who can’t hack it as performers and as such they bring their deaf ears to a judging committee…

Sounds pretty typical to me as well, only the jury seems really ridiculous in this case, what the fuck man. I wouldn’t get too frustrated over it anyway, it’s a competition and they shouldn’t be taken too seriously anyway. I’ve got one tomorrow, lukcily I do get to test the piano out 3,5 hours before hand for about 20 mins, let’s see how it goes, even if I have the flu.

“every great pianist should be able to play in any grand piano”?? is quite lol, what the fuck. Every piano is so diffirent you NEED to test it out, dayum.

“You can survive without competitions, but competitions can’t survive without you.”

That sucks man, the lack of professionalism borders on the farcical. It’s pretty fucking sad when they have randoms who aren’t even professional pianists or ‘experts’ on the jury. Hope you have better luck next time.

Haha I spoke a Dutch guy today who happened to be in the same comp, you met him?

hahaha only olympicz refereez zhud be allowed in da jury :stop:

-You probably mean Tobias Borsboom?? He played a wonderful Ballade op.10 no.4 (Brahms)

Yeah, he studies at the same conservatory I do, he is an awesome pianist.