Katsaris in Hong Kong, phenomenal reception

I made 2 of my friends who didn’t know Katsaris go to the recital on my behalf.

Standing ovation of the whole hall. Even Zimerman didn’t receive such treatment (I was there both times he came)

And people actually clapped on as he made his way to the autograph session.

This recital sounds legendary, totally wish I can be there, if he is coming to the town near you, should definitely check him out.

da legend goez dat he iz perfectin a 10’ chopzon3

perhapz he finally unleazhed?

tiz a all liszt prog

Does anyone here have recorded it?
It would be interesting to hear…

I have the unprocessed bootleg if you are interested.

Of course I am!!!

YES PLEASE! :astonished:

/signed , da kat iz always a treat 8)

hiz oktav repetition teknik iz da faztest ive ever zeen.

ahah da longdong audience pozz thought twuz a circuz perf wut wiz da KAT clown hairdo…



hahahahahaha :gav: